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Written by Pamela Duff, RN, CSNC Forewords by Erin Toner, BA, DHMHS, PTS, and Parminder Kaur Khaira, BSc, DC, CAFCI A first-of-its-kind 500-page book, Nature's Pharmacy outlines 53 categories and examples of drugs, the nutrients these drugs are known to deplete, and suggested alternatives along with studies backing their benefits, safety, and effectiveness. A pertinent reference tool for anyone: health consultants of all levels as well as the average consumer who wants to use alternatives as a first line of defense to improve his/her health.

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This book is unorthodox in several ways. First, it dares to suggest that foods and herbs just might be a first line of defense for health instead of modern medications. Much too much emphasis is placed on using drugs first and ignoring what centuries of worldwide practice has shown that using plants prevent disease and restore health during illness.

Second, it uses book format to publicize hard to find pro-plant based studies rather than using other forms of technology.

Third, it keeps those studies right with the alternative suggestions instead of buried at the back where few tend to look at the best of times. That said, Nature’s Pharmacy: Evidence-Based Alternatives to Drugs is meant to be a bridge between conventional and alternative practices. Far too often we are only given one side to a preference and not the other. Both sides should be taken into consideration so that individuals can make informed choices regarding their own health and that of their loved ones. Worse yet, harmful side effects of medications are glossed over until severe illness or death jolts people into finally looking at them.

Although there is room in the world of health for alternatives, the information provided here is to be used as an open door to another realm of healing. This book is meant to show that alternatives are not just snake oil but have been scientifically proven benefits


...a very important text, which can be used as a reference tool for both the health professional and average citizen alike. Simply stated and clear-cut, Pam tells it like it is and presents medical and scientific fact.
~ Erin Toner, BA, DHMHS, PTS

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