Etherium Black

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Etherium Black is classified as an adaptogen.* An adaptogen is a substance that returns the body to its normal state (homeostasis) after an environmental disruption; and improves the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue.*

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Etherium Black is capable of detecting electromagnetic imbalances within any organism and simply neutralizes the waves and particles causing any disturbance. It is equally effective with thoughts, emotions and physical imbalances. Let’s discuss some practical applications. 

Physically speaking it neutralizes organic toxins in the body.* Toxins create electromagnetic chaos and cause biological harm to the cells of the body. So, they clearly are a disturbance, and Etherium Black is quite effective in neutralizing them. We are clearly stating neutralize, rather than remove.

Allergies & Alcohol


Etherium Black is works wonderfully in any acute allergenic reaction.* The beauty of substances that work electromagnetically rather than biochemically is that their effect is immediate. In an acute situation, Etherium Black immediately neutralizes the effect the allergen is having on the body and the symptoms immediately dissipate.* Is the allergen still present in the body? Probably so. It would be impossible to remove it from the body so fast. But the reaction to the allergen is stopped immediately and normal breathing reestablishes itself, swelling and rashes dissipate, and the body is returned to homeostasis in a very, very short period of time. 

Many have experienced Etherium Black’s ability to neutralize the effects of alcohol. In much the same way; alcohol creates electromagnetic imbalances in the body that Etherium Black detects and neutralizes. Is the alcohol actually removed from the blood? No definitely not. If you have consumed alcohol, never assume it is safe to drive because you may have taken 2 capsules of Etherium Black. It is not. But it will neutralizes alcohol’s effects and stop any person from acting stupid and obnoxious. It will also minimize any potential hangover the next morning.*

UntitledStress & Insomnia

Many successfully use Etherium Black to reduce stress. Not only does it mitigate the stress itself, but it helps to stop the thoughts contributing to and supporting the stress.* Etherium Black creates the experience of witnessing how your thoughts are totally in control of your life. An event is an event. It is how you perceive it that turns it into an opportunity, or an obstacle.  Etherium Black always helps move you into a higher perspective; and when that happens, there is no more stress. If you are suffering from stress related insomnia, then Etherium Black may help you get a good night sleep.*

Psychic Attack

While this might raise eye-brows in some, we believe that it not only exists, but it probably affects your happiness for life way more than you would care to believe. If you are a normal person, life situations causes you to initiate actions that may not be in the best interest of others. Those others harbor resentment, anger towards you. That negative energy is real, it is directed at you, and therefore it will affect you. This is true, whether you believe it or not; or whether you like it or not. It is simple quantum mechanics. Etherium Black is like a psychic shield of armor.*


Usually when something is affecting you from outside of your body, the Mineral Essences work best. If the disturbance is inside the body, the powder or capsules usually are the best choice.

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