Electromagnetic Health: Making Sense of the Research and Practical Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF)

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Our modern technologies are bombarding us with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) now more than ever. Are EMFs really harmful and if so, to what degree? Are all EMFs bad? The EMF controversy has now pitted scientists, action groups and the technology industry into rigid corners. In "Electromagnetic Health," the author clearly and objectively presents the evidence and latest research from a perspective that embraces both the scientific and natural health communities. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is thoroughly examined, from modern technologies to nature’s sources. More importantly, the information provided in "Electromagnetic Health" invokes an entirely new and engaging perspective — one that may just change the EMF conversation completely.

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One: What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

  • The Electromagnetic Atom
  • Electromagnetic Waveforms
  • Spiraling Currents
  • Our Electromagnetic Sun
  • The Magnetic Universe

Two: The Electromagnetic Body

  • The Metabolic Circuit
  • Our Magnetic Physiology
  • Biotransmission
  • Ion Pathways
  • Electromagnetic Brainwaves
  • Neurotransmitter Conduction
  • Tubulin Transmission
  • Cellular Reception
  • Bioluminescence

Three: Body Currents

  • Electromagnetic Channels
  • The Elements
  • The Chakras
  • The Nadi Channels
  • The Meridians

Four: Light and Color

  • Synthetic Light
  • Crystal Fields
  • The Necessity of Natural Light
  • Healthy Sunlight
  • The Indoor Life
  • Nature’s Color Spectrum
  • Color Energy

Five: Radiation Research

  • Ionizing or Non-ionizing?
  • Power Lines
  • Radio Waves
  • Remote and Cell Phones
  • Video Display Terminals
  • Microwaves
  • Radon
  • Magnetic Fields
  • Conclusions

Six: EMF Strategies

  • Proximity and Tolerance
  • Ionization
  • Power lines and RF Towers
  • Surge Protectors
  • Medical Scans and X-rays
  • Occupational EMF Hot Spots
  • Tanning beds
  • Cell Phones
  • Measuring EMFs
  • Field Canceling Equipment
  • Wellness Self-Assessments
  • Conducting Nature’s Biowaves
  • Becoming Grounded
  • Crystals
  • Solar Resonation
  • Night Skies
  • Positive and Negative Ions
  • Natural Light
  • Nature’s Colors
  • Natural Food Colors
  • Saunas
  • Music
  • Touching
  • Breathing
  • Plant Life
  • Stress
  • The Biowave Diet
  • The Right House
  • Conclusion

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