Colloidal DNA Boost

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Colloidal DNA Boost helps restore damaged DNA and helps prevent unregulated cell division and cellular mutations. Colloidal DNA Boost electromagnetically builds life force energy into the cells and slows cellular senescence.*

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Colloidal DNA Boost has been a leader in dietary supplements for cellular regeneration for over fifteen years. Healthy DNA is the foundation for healthy longevity and avoiding many age-related diseases. The cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA is vital to the integrity of its genome and the proper functioning to the entire organism. Genes that are associated with longer life spans are involved in the protection and repairing DNA. Colloidal DNA Boost electromagnetically creates an optimal intracellular environment for damaged DNA to be repaired.*

Healthy longevity is directly dependent on the health of our cells. Healthy cells are completely dependent on optimal DNA. All life is dependent on our cells replicating themselves and that a daughter cell is only as healthy as the mother cell. The aging process begins when cells with damaged DNA replicate themselves and thereby producing weaker cells. As each cellular generation goes on, the cells get weaker and weaker, and eventually we die.*

Repairing DNA is essential for a healthy long life. Incorporating Colloidal DNA Boost into your daily routine is essential for anyone in a compromised health condition. People in their youth, or mid-aged to the elderly in a healthy state would be well served to use Colloidal DNA Boost either annually or semi-annually for a month to give that extra spark of cellular invigoration.*

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