Chamae Rose

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Chamae Rose is a trade name for Chamaebatiaria milifolium, an herb that grows in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is a powerful blood purifier with detoxifying effects on the kidneys, liver and lungs. It also produces radiant skin.*

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Chamae Rose is at the heart of the Harmonic Innerprizes story. It was researching this amazing herb that lead to the discovery of the Etherium deposit. Back in 1995, a Native American Medicine woman was successfully treating AIDS and certain cancers with this miraculous herb. It was the research into why this herb possessed such powerful healing properties that led to analyzing the soil it was growing in. It was discovered that specific electromagnetic patterns that ran through the soil transferred powerful healing energies to the roots of the plants.

Additionally, the natural occurring monatomic elements that have been discovered in Etherium Gold are absorbed into the roots making them available in organic form. Chamae Rose purifies the blood and assists the body in removing toxins through the kidneys. It has diuretic properties so the frequency of urination is increased.

It serves as both a cleansing agent and a tonic to the adrenals and kidneys. It cleanses and strengthens liver function and cleanses the lungs.*

The most noticeable effect Chamae Rose has is it beautifies the skin. As toxins leave the body, the skin gains a glow, and blemishes or liver spots begin to disappear. The skin takes on a suppleness and youthful appearance. This will take some time to achieve noticeable skin changes. Remember, before this can happen, a significant amount of toxins will need to be excreted. This takes time, usually two or three months.

Please see the Chamae Rose companion products that are specific for those working with lung or liver conditions.

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