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Aulterra has been shown in laboratory studies to positively enhance DNA function, improve the bioavailability of foods and dietary supplements, and neutralize heavy metals in the body. Aulterra simply makes the body work better.

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Aulterra is formulated from two naturally occurring trace mineral deposits, kelp; and a proprietary homeopathic succession process. It is a multifaceted, multidimensional product that promotes a higher octave of energy throughout the body, enabling the body to achieve states of health that may have been elusive in the past. 

Dr. David R. Hamilton states in his research paper; “Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy” that in his evaluation of numerous studies completed on Aulterra that Aulterra moves whatever it comes in contact with towards negative entropy. Aulterra moves matter/energy in the direction of greater unity and harmony. Dr. Hamilton further observes that the same quantum mechanics involved in any healing is identical to the radiant energy emitted from Aulterra. (Click here for further information on this research)

Dr. Glen Rein Ph.D. in his laboratory study; “Conformational Changes in Human DNA Characterize the Radiated Energy from the Aulterra Formulation”, states that the energy of Aulterra puts the double helix of the DNA in a quantum oscillation pattern. This oscillation pattern generates radiant energy within itself.* Radiant energy is now capable of being produced by every cell in the body. Perhaps this is the mechanics behind what futuristic thinkers claim when they state that we are evolving into our Light bodies.* (Click here for further information on this research)

Healing states of consciousness are known to be associated with coherent oscillatory EEG patterns in the brain. This energy is transferred from the healer to the patient and the coherent oscillation pattern of DNA is also observed.* So, Rein would concur with Hamilton that the energy of Aulterra is similar, if not identical to the energy a healer passes on to the patient.




Since so much of Aulterra’s action in the body is improving the bioavailability of foods and other supplements, it is the only product in our Natural Monatomic Minerals line that we recommend to be taken with every meal. Either take one capsule with each meal, or sprinkle the powder, or spray the mineral essence directly on the food. This will increase the life force energy of the food, and move it to a higher resonance with the body.

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